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Metro Detroit Auto Accident Doctor Uses Dynamic MRI Technique to Detect Hidden Disc Herniation’s

Auto accident injuries can cause a host of health issues. The most commonly treated injuries following an auto accident are called soft tissue injuries. A Soft tissue injury is damage to the muscles, ligaments, tendons or spinal discs throughout the body.  Although soft tissues injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck and back can be painful, disc injuries caused by an auto accident can lead to lifelong pain and permanent impairment.

Ferndale and Macomb Township Chiropractor Dr. Chris McNeil says “Disc injuries can impair you to the point where you can no longer work, perform house and yard work and enjoy recreational activities. That’s why it’s imperative to get the proper diagnosis and treatment immediately following an auto accident.”

For this reason the doctors at  Metro Detroit Chiropractors Auto Injury Clinics use state of the art MRI techniques to help to identify and diagnose hidden disc injuries. One such technique is called Dynamic Cervical MRI.  This is a simple yet grossly underutilized diagnostic technique in which the cervical spinal MRI (neck MRI) is performed in not only the neutral supine laying position, but an MRI is also taken with the patients head and cervical spine stressed in the flexed position and also stressed in the extended position. This is also called “STRESS” MRI.

“When you are laying on your back getting an MRI done, you do not have the normal stresses and weight placed on your body compared to if you were standing, moving and dynamic. Sometimes a disc injury won’t even show up on an MRI if you are just lying flat and still. However, if you are putting the normal stresses on the body, like when you are standing and bending, you may see a disc injury. That can make the difference between a patient getting the care they need and benefits they are entitled to or not,” says Wayne and Macomb County MI Chiropractor Chris McNeil.

Dr. McNeil has even performed a case study with a local MRI facility on one of his auto accident patients who came to his office with MRI results from a doctor and MRI facility that did not have dynamic MRI’s done.  “After examining the patient it was clear to me that she definitely had significant disc injuries. However, the MRI she brought in showed no disc pathologies. So I ordered Dynamic Flexion and Extension MRI’s at one of the MRI facilities we send to. Sure enough the results showed disc herniation’s. We now  were able to get her the proper treatment for her neck & arm pain with hand numbness. Plus her lawyer had some fire power to fight her auto insurance company, which cut her off because their IME doctor said she had nothing wrong with her. Thanks to this simple test the patient was able to get the care she needed to recover and her lawyer had the information needed to win a big settlement.”

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