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How To Prevent Back Injuries This Fall

When the seasons change, particularly from summer to fall, there is a lot of housework, yard work, and fall cleanup to do. Oftentimes, we get patients coming into the offices who have injured their back from doing different activities around the house and in the yard related to fall cleanup. Here are some different types of injuries and tips to help show you how to prevent these injuries by the clinic director and chiropractor Chris McNeil.

Whether the injury happened indoors or outside; Macomb Twp Chiropractor Chris McNeil wants to make sure that you get some relief.

 That’s why Chris McNeil, the clinic director at Macomb Township Chiropractic and Metro Detroit Chiropractors recommends visiting one of our clinics as soon as possible to get checked out.



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Thanksgiving Food Drive promotion

In our clinics, we love to give back to the community. That’s why, starting in November, Chris McNeil, Macomb Township Chiropractic and Metro Detroit Chiropractors’ Clinic Director, will spearhead a special promotion that is called the Thanksgiving Food Drive. With this Thanksgiving Food Drive promotion, we are going to try to help as many people in the communities we can with neck pain, back pain, headaches and arthritis pain. With a non-perishable donation of at least 5 canned or boxed food items, you can receive a consultation with the doctor, a detailed examination, a massage, bed treatment and some therapy.


When we have a promotion like the Thanksgiving Day Food Drive promotion, we typically start to spread the word to our current patients in the office and hand out flyers. We'll have the office plastered in flyers about the promotion and decorated for fall. We put out a press release by Chiropractor Chris McNeil to try to stir up a buzz for this promotion. There will also be a Chiropractic podcast by Dr. Chris McNeil for Macomb County MI residents. The more people we can get in the office who are suffering with neck pain, back pain, headaches, or arthritis pain, who receive the free consultation exam, massage, bed treatment and therapy, the more we can give back to those who are less fortunate and in need in our community, since the food donations are going to be given to a local food bank.


If you have a friend or family member suffering with neck pain, back pain, headaches or disc injuries, you can go to to find the nearest office to call and book the appointment.

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