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More than 28 million people suffer from migraines in the United States each year.  That means that at least one person in every family will suffer from migraines in their lifetime.  Finding relief from the debilitating suffering that goes hand in hand with migraines can literally mean the difference between life and a living death.  Chris McNeil of Macomb Township Chiropractic, Ferndale Chiropractor and East Detroit Accident Injury Clinic recently addressed this topic in his recent podcast where he describes the ways of diagnosing issues that can lead to migraine pain and various treatment modalities that have been effective in the treatment of patients who visit the practice in search of help.

“I wanted to do a podcast on migraines since it was something so many of my patients had come to me with,” says Chiropractor Chris  McNeil.  “It's incredibly heart-breaking to hear people talk about days spent in their rooms with the windows drawn, their eyes covered, and no sound at all—just bare isolation and pain.  I wanted with my podcast to explain that there are treatments that work for a lot of people that don't include the types of tolerance-inducing drugs that so many people around here in Detroit are being given.  I encourage anyone who is experiencing migraine pain, from adults to children, to at least give chiropractic remedies a try.”


The Metro Detroit Chiropractors starts with a complete consultation examination, involving X-rays and a posture picture, and then analyzes the information for any type of therapy that can give patients some  relief right away.  That could include heat packs on the neck, inter-segmental traction and massage to help open up the joints and relieve muscle spasms, or instrument adjusting which stimulates the nerves that helps the muscles relax.  Ice is also used to help reduce the muscle spasms and decrease the inflammation that could be in the neck related to the misalignments, nerve tension, joint pressure and disc pressure. The approach is about testing the patient's response and then adjusting until they find what works. 


For those that are interested in finding out more about Dr. Chris McNeil Chiropractic Clinic Director offices, or schedule a free consultation visit the website at:


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Chiropractor Chris McNeil Discusses Disc Treatment and Therapies in Latest Podcast 

Lower back pain is an incredibly common ailment today and one which drives people to chiropractors for help in treating.  There are multiple reasons for lower back pain, such as: sprains, Spondylolisthesis, injury, skeletal irregularity, herniated discs, and sciatica.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  Spinal issues can stem from a wide range of causes and conditions, including tumors, which is why it is so important to seek diagnosis from a medical professional rather than allowing self-medication or self-treatment to go on indefinitely.  This is the topic of the latest of Dr. Chris McNeil's Chiropractic  podcasts, one where he explains the causes of back pain and addresses some of the disc treatment options available for those who have these symptoms.


“Discs are a shock absorber,” says McNeil.  “They play a vital role in how the body functions.  Having a nice plump disc is essential to a healthy body and nervous system.  When people experience disc issues it can disrupt their whole life.  I wanted to get this information out so that people understand that even if they've tried more conventional therapies we have had a great deal of breakthrough in our treatment practice.  Chiropractic medicine has really grown even in the time that I have been practicing.  We are always finding new ways of addressing pain and issues in our patients and sharing these modalities with each other to create a web of information that can be applied to instances in our own practice.  This latest podcast was informative about what causes disc issues and some of the approaches that I use in my own Detroit chiropractic clinic to deal with those.”


Dr. Chris McNeil Macomb Township Chiropractic Clinic Director explains in the podcast that the typical physician approach to back injury is to mask the symptoms with pain pills, which does little but prevent people from seeing how bad the condition is deteriorating.  The approach used by chiropractors at the Metro Detroit Chiropractors Clinics is to perform non-surgical disc decompression therapy.  They use a special table that gently tractions the bones in the spine that causes a negative vacuum or a negative suction that over time pulls that disc material that disc matter back in and pull more nutrients into the disc and help the disc heal. Other treatments include: cold laser, hot laser, ultrasound, micro stimulation, modified vibration therapy, heat and ice massage, and chiropractic adjustments.  Research has shown that 85% of the patients who use this therapy have what they listed as “favorable results.” 


For more information on this treatment or the podcast visit:



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Do you suffer from chronic pain everyday? Do you use pain relieving drugs with no relief? Are you considering back surgery? If so, then you need to know about this non-surgical breakthrough medical treatment called spinal decompression therapy. Listen to Dr. Chris McNeil Chiropractor Macomb Twp and Ferndale as he talks about non surgical disc therapy. Dont settle for drugs, injection or surgery because ther are alternatives. If you you have a dis injury and live near Ferndale or Macomb Twp Chiropractor Chris Mcneil can help.  in this podcast Chris McNeil Chiropractic Clinic Director will tell you how he help people with disc injuries avoid neck or back surgery.

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THis months podcast with Chiropractor Chris McNeil (Clinic Director of Macomb Twp Chiropractic, Ferndale Chiropractor and East Detroit Chiropractic clinic) covers same basic ways to avoid back pain this summer. Some of these tips are no brainers but people either forget do them or just never heard about them. For more information on ways you can avoid back pain listen to this podcast by Chris McNeil Chiropractor.

Chris McNeil Chiropractic Clinic Director in Macomb Twp, Ferndale and Detroit Michigan talks about Quick Tips For Home Pain Relief. In this podcast he discusses using ice packs to reduce inflamation and pain. However, if you suffer from neck pain, back pain or headaches its important to come into the clinic for a FREE consultation to find out what is cuasing your pain and what to do to fix the problem. Visit to find the chiropractic pain relief clinic Chiropractor near Macomb twp, Ferndale or Detroit MI.

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Dr. Chris McNeil is a chiropractor and clinic director of Macomb Twp Chiropractic, East Detroit Auto Acident clinic and Ferndale Chiropractor. In this podcast he discusses whiplash auto accident injuries. Whiplash auto accident neck and spine injuries are the most common auto injuries. Dr McNeil disucsses the mechanisms of injury, common conditions and symtopms caused by whiplash (neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, arm pain, numbness), and common treatments and therapies used in the clinic. If you have been injured in an auto accident and you live in Metro Detroit, visit

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Chris McNeil Chiropractor, Doctor  & Auto Accident Treatment Clinic Director of Macomb Township ChiropracticDetroit Auto Injury Chiropractic Clinic and Metro Detroit Chiropractors Ferndale Chiropractic clinic, talks about auto accident injuries, the do's and dont's, treatments and therapies and much more. If you are suffering with neck pain, back pain, headaches, arm or leg pain, hip pain or numbness visit the nearest clinic.

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 A Macomb Township-based chiropractor pleaded to residents to reconsider spinal surgery. Christopher S. McNeil, Chiropractic Disc Specialist, who has touted that his business specializes in the non-surgical treatment of bulging, herniated or degenerated discs, says "try disc decompression therapy before surgery, you wont regret it".

Listin to this podcast to discover how disc decompression therapy can help you to avoid surgery, get our of pain and get your life back.

Dr. Chris McNeil is now offering a free no risk consultation with a certified Decompression expert at his Macomb Township and Ferndale Chiropractic & Decompression Clinic. To receive your free consultation, please call their Macomb Township office at: 586-566-2273.


Disc Therapy! Dr. Chris McNeil, Chiropractor and Certified Decompression Physician,  Explains Spinal Disc Decompression

If you suffer from low back pain caused by bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, or pain that shoots down your legs and you’ve tried everything, from taking pain medication, to physical therapy, chiropractic care and even injections, spinal disc decompression can be the answer. Visit for more information.



The spine has bone, muscle, nerve, and ligament that maybe injured in an accident or trauma. When ligaments are damaged the condition is usually permanent and progressive either now or both now and in the future. This can cause a lot of pain, both acute and chronic as well as other neurological consequences. The spinal sprain is the most commonly diagnosed spinal injury and sprains can be mild with no clinically detectable increase in joint laxity, to severe where a complete ligament disruption can result in significant joint laxity.

When a ligament that holds the spine together is damaged it can be accurately and reliably measured using computer assistance. Computerized radiographic mensuration analysis (CRMA) is one test Dr. McNeil and the treating physicians of Metro Detroit Chiropractors use to objectively quantify the severity and precise location of spinal ligament injuries caused by a major trauma such as an auto accident. Dr. Chris McNeil explains, “It’s important to test for spinal ligament injures. CRMA helps us determine the location and the severity of any spinal ligamentous laxity and instability. The information we get from this testing can help to develop or modify both the patient’s treatment plan as well as any other diagnostic testing referrals that may be needed.”

A common auto injury the Metro Detroit Chiropractors physicians are looking to rule out with CRMA is called Alteration Of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI). Loss of Motion Segment Integrity occurs when they have measured ligament laxity, instability or sub-failure to an injured spine that meets the AMA Impairment Guides Measured Criteria. . “This injury is perhaps the most common cause of impairments and disabilities related to spinal injuries” said Dr. McNeil. Computerized analysis of flexion/extension X-rays by a board certified medical radiologist can help determine the severity and location of a patient’s damaged and injured ligaments. With CRMA the measurements are precise and follow peer reviewed care standards published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and are adopted by the International Chiropractic Association.

By documenting a patient’s auto accident injuries it can help the patient to access any benefits that they may be entitled to from the auto insurance carrier. On page 18 of AMA Guides To Impairment Ratings 5th Edition is states “Thorough documentation of medical findings and their impact will also ensure that reporting is fair and consistent and that individuals have the information needed to pursue any benefits to which they are entitled.” CRMA is one of the ways doctors can objectively support their patient’s auto accident injury claims.

“Most doctors are very good at assessing damage to the bone, muscle and nerve, but virtually have no diagnostic work up for the spinal ligaments” says Dr. McNeil. Since ligament injuries are usually permanent, CRMA test results helps doctors to better manage their patients and make life or work modification guidance on what they should or should not do. Test Results can also help to establish permanent impairments, disabilities and objectively support a prognosis for future care.

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